AbilityMate is a social enterprise that designs and manufactures affordable assistive technology with children and adults who have disabilities. 

Their aim is to increase innovation and reduce the cost of Assistive Tech through open source design, 3D printing and peer to peer events and platforms. 

A key feature of their events ("make-a-thons") is the way in which they collaboratively develop the products in real time with the people who are going to use the products. This is enabled by 3D printing technology which allows the people with disabilities to provide rapid feedback and then have the devise manufactured immediately for testing then use.


Vasudhara provided AbilityMate with equity funding to support the founders to grow their organisation.

Key activities that AbilityMate will be pursuing in this next chapter of growth include: market research, customer product trials and business planning as well as continuing to run their core make-a-thon events.

In April 2016, AbilityMate successfully secured a place on the Remarkable Accelerator, a 16-week programme tailored to early stage startups looking to build sustainable enterprises that have a big social impact.