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Lucy worked at Vasudhara as a Senior Associate helping to develop and manage a number of projects including A Sound Life, Groundswell, The Refugee Yoga Project, 10 Thousand Girl, YGap and SHE Investments.

Lucy is now focusing on The Manjeri School Project, an international development organisation which seeks to empower communities in rural Uganda through education and sustainable development practices. 

She studied Law and Social Inquiry at UTS, where her focus was on human rights and international law. 

Lucy previously worked at a number of non-profits in Australia and a human rights law firm in Botswana. She has also completed a research placement with the Australian Human Rights Commission.



Alex worked at Vasudhara as a Senior Associate helping to develop a number of investments and perform research to support future investment decisions.

Before Vasudhara she worked at The Social Innovation Partnership, a London based social advisory business, where she led a variety of projects that supported social enterprises to better understand and improve their impact. 

Alex started her career at Deloitte, where she trained to be an Chartered Accountant, in the Entrepreneurial Business tax team.

Alex has a degree in Civil Engineering from Nottingham University and is an On Purpose Fellow, a social enterprise leadership programme.



Nik worked with Vasudhara as an Investment Manager helping to develop and manage our investments in a number of projects including Flashpoint Labs, OneWave, the Refugee Yoga Project and A Sound Life.

He is currently taking a year off to travel, including a solo trek up the coast of Patagonia.

Prior to Vasudhara, Nik worked in venture philanthropy at Social Ventures Australia.

Nik studied Economics and Political Science at Macquarie University. He was also a Research Scholar at the Australian National University in Canberra.


Angelica worked with Vasudhara as an Associate helping to bring to life a number of projects including AbilityMate, Flashpoint Labs and OneWave.  

Her next step is to work at the International Organisation for Migration in Canberra, which helps to promote international co-operation on migration issues and assists with the search for practical solutions to migration problems.

She studied Political Science and International Studies at Melbourne University and completed a masters at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford.

She is also a Director of Behind the Wire, an oral history project documenting experiences of mandatory detention in Australia.



Sophie worked with Vasudhara as a Research Associate exploring initiatives in the areas of the empowerment of women, ageing well, indigenous projects and the effective altruism movement. 

Further to her research into effective altruism, Vasudhara sponsored Sophie to spend a summer working at the Centre for Effective Altruism in Oxford.

Sophie is now working in State Government in the Department of Community Services.

Prior to Vasudhara, Sophie worked at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (part of the UN) and studied Economics and Political Science at the University of Sydney.

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danielle begg

Danielle worked with Vasudhara as a Research Associate and Project Developer.

Further to her research into yoga and meditation projects with social impact, we co-created the Refugee Yoga Project (RYP) with her, which she now leads.

In addition to the RYP she now works at STARTTS,  a specialist, non-profit organisation that provides culturally appropriate and cutting edge psychological treatment and support  to help people heal the scars of torture and refugee trauma.

Prior to Vasudhara, Danielle worked at the Blavatnik School of Government, the Centre for Social Impact, and the Deptartment of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.